Mima mom styles

Not every mom is the same and Mima knows that. Here are some Mima mom styles that can better help you choose which Mima product is right for you.


As the casual Mima mom, you’re an easy-going combination of elegance with comfort. Your effortless style is one of the most sought-after fashion styles and withstand the passage of time. You tend to keep it simple and match accessories when you want to spice it up a bit. Your perfect fit for the Mima Zigi charcoal and matching Zigi changing bag. Our lightweight Zigi is stylish, compact and perfect for the active and modern mom.

Boho Chic:

The boho chic Mima mom is feminine, romantic, and ladylike with a chic free flowing look. You’re inspired by the non-traditional styles at home and in fashion, ranging from denim jackets flowy chiffon skirts or a great pair of vintage boots. You and the Xari sport make a perfect match. The stylish denim or charcoal Xari sport is the next generation of Xari. With a larger sport seat, a smooth flowing stroll that maintains both style and elegance.


As the sophisticated Mima mom, you look for the best and want only high quality. Your style, like your home and fashion are both polished and cultured. Your style crosses between subtle luxury and formal twist, always poised. You are the epitome of the classis Mima Xari. The Xari has poised look you desire with soft leatherette, plush seat pads and the highest in quality and functionality.


You are an Artsy Mima Mom and that is one cool mama! You have an independent, creative nature and you know how to make a bold fashion statement every time you walk in a room. Your wardrobe is more about a feeling than a style. Your personality is as bright as sunshine and you know how to appreciate a unique work of art. That’s why the Special Edition Xari Yellow is the perfect pairing! This fun stroller is a custom bundle of sunshine on wheels with trendy diaper bag, parasol and colorful seat pads included.